2016 Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival


Summer night memories– Korea, China and Japan exchange cultures through wind performances

2016 East Asia Culture Cities Jeju, Nara and Ningbo come together at the International Wind Ensemble Festival.


When I first saw all the visitors to the International Wind Ensemble Festival this year, I was amazed at how popular it was.
In fact, the festival, held from August 8 to 16, welcomed 2,600 visitors from 23 countries.
The theme of this year’s festival was ‘Island, the Resonance of Wind’.
The festival has been held for 21 years at Tapdong Beach Concert Hall and as such has a special place in the heart of people on Jeju.




When I was young I visited the festival with my parents, during my teenage years I visited it with my teachers and friends and after I grew up and started working, I visited it with my colleagues.
Although I visit most years, this year I saw a different side to the festival. While this is partly  because I visited it as a reporter, it is also because the performers were from Korea, China, and Japan.
This made the festival extra special.
In one performance, students from Daejeong High School Wind Band, TAKAMADO Wind Ensemble and the Wind Ensemble of Ningbo Symphony Orchestra performed together.
This was a great chance for students from these three countries to communicate with each other.
I think this performance will have deepened friendships and connected the performers from these three countries.
Performances were also held in various places including the Jeju Art and Cultural Centre, Seogwipo Cheonjiyeon Waterfall Outdoor Stage and Hamo Sports Park.
The Ningbo conductor Ruilin Zhao spoke about what performers from different countries bring to the festival, “performers from different countries have different musical styles which were very interesting for the audience.
Maybe because we performed in the beautiful city of Seogwipo, the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival also looks more attractive when compared to other festivals.”




All the performers felt like the experience was a good one. Han Wang from China said, “I had a great time in Jeju. I hope there are more chances to do this kind of collaboration performance in the future.
I learned a lot while watching and performing with other students from other countries. I also had a chance to know more about other country’s culture.”
Manami from Japan agreed, saying ” I hope I can have another chance to perform with students from Korea and China again next year.”
Daejeong High School Wind Band conductor Yang Ji-ya said:” It has been a great opportunity for the students to experience another country’s culture.”
The performers were not the only one who enjoyed the atmosphere of the festival.











Everyone from pensioners keeping cool with their fans while watching the performance and children dancing,
to the tourists who were taking pictures and videos all made beautiful memories on this warm summer night.