Come to the ocean and play exhibition


Stories of artists who love Jeju

Using the wood flow down from the mountain to make lighting.  Artist Hyeongyeong Park, ” want to work with Jeju ocean”


Four artists from Seoul have put on an exhibition that uses their individual artistic methods and styles to express their feelings about Jeju.
Despite their workshop being far away from where they live, they were able to use different methods and different way of expressing themselves to join together and create thought provoking artwork




Artist Hayeong Kim said “yes, we live far away from each other. But we feel happy when we get together.
We overcome tiredness and during the time we spend together we get comfort from each other.
When we decided to do a collaboration, the first thing we thought about was Mt.Hallasan and the next thing was the ocean.
So we decided to use Mt.Hallasan as the theme of our project.”






Each artist created work that represented a different part of the mountain.
Artist Jeong Hui-seon drew the mountain’s peak, the bottom of the mountain is filled with trees drawn by Park Hyeong-yeong and the glasses that float on the ocean are drawn by Kim Myeong-ji . Artist Kim Ha-Yeong’s job was needlework and I made the ocean and the fish.
While each of the artists uses their individual skills to produce their work, the work Park Hyeong-yeong creates with dead wood is particularly novel.
“I found all the wood in the ocean. The lines and the appearance of the wood have been completely carved by the sea water.
All I did was discover and collect the wood. Most of the time, I observe the wood for a long time and wait for it to tell me something enlightening.”

“I love lights. That’s why I make lights and candle holders. If I make a candle holder in the shape of a lighthouse and light it up by hand it will look beautiful.
I always keep it mind that creating artistic lights is not the only important thing, when the light is lit up it should also look beautiful too.
The wood that floats on the dark ocean became the light that lights up lonely people’s lives. This makes the light seem warmer.”



These artists all use material from Jeju to create works that connect with the culture of the island and through their work, these four artists portray the beauty of Jeju.
They will continue to work here and you can see their exhibition in the Dulhanna Gallery on August 5, 2016.