Jeju horse and Jeju life


The connection between Jeju horse and the three generation:Jang Gen-young, grandfather and father.
A better place living with her husband and son, times changes in work

Culture reporter:Kim Miryang, Translated by: Kim Yae-seol( Duncan Elder)


Jeju horses used to help farmers with farming and the transportation of crops. Nowadays, they have become the force of new businesses and a symbol of Jeju.
Jang Gen-young is an artist who expresses the relationship between Jeju horse and people in her artworks.
Her grandfather bred horses and her father is the head of the Tamna Horse Culture Research Institution.
Jang studied pottery at Hongik University and Bulgaria Art Academy. She used the best clay to create dynamic and attractive models of Jeju horses.

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The Jeju horse models that Jang made are not slim and stylish horses, but the short and heavy Jeju ponies.
Compared to other horses, they are shorter and have bigger bellies and faces. These docile Jeju ponies are well adapted to the barren environment.
Artist Jang Gen-young uses the objects around her life as the materials for her artwork. She collects and uses junk like sticks found in Jeju fields or oceans.
She also uses broken sculptures in her works.
Her sister’s cats and dogs and her son are some of her main inspirations.

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After she became a mother, she had to face the realities of her situation. During the time she was breastfeeding, the clay work becomes tiring.
She reduced her working time since she had to stay with her son for 24 hours a day.
However, she learned a lot from these difficult times.
“The workshop I used for 10 years is under remodeling. While organizing my artwork, many memories came through my mind.
I found there are many useless things in my workshop. When I was single, I spend a lot of time on pottery. I saw a lot of artists gave up after few private exhibitions.
At that time I promised myself I will never give up no matter what happened. To fulfill my dream, I gave up many other things that I wanted to do.”


“To think back, I regret what I gave up. These days, when my son is sleeping, I will do my work for thirty minutes or one hour.
My husband helps a lot with the babysitting, with my work and the workshop remodeling. Because of my son, I have finally set a plan and am working towards it. Also, I make sure I have time for myself.
I decided to make my job more interesting. The most important decision I made is that I will put down my work for the things I want to do.”


“Some people say the time spent raising a child is a period lost to yourself. Like other people, I spent all my time with my son.
Raising children is not easy, but I feel that it’s worth spending time with my husband and son.”


The pottery breaks or melts easily in the kiln. But Jang Gen-young doesn’t care about the broken pieces.
All she cares about is how to use the pieces to create a new novel artwork.
Maybe it is because she has a new family that Jang Gen-young can create new artworks.
Just like the Jeju horses, she adapted to her new lifestyle.