Culture designer interview_Meeting with the ‘Graphic Reporter’ Kang Young-hoon!


The story of the designer who is dreaming with Daejoeng youths

Culture reporter: Kang Gwi Woong, Translate by: Kim Yae-seol(Justin Ferrell)


In a long hot summer, under a zelkova tree, an elder with the fan asked:“Why is that young people walking around?
In Ansoeng-ri, Daejeong-eup village, most of the “ young” parents are busy with their jobs. We visited the Daejeong Gol Community Child Center.
Before we get into the centre, we can heard big laughs of the children from outside. Inside the building, there’s a young man who call himself a graphic designer but others call him teacher.
We met Kang Young-hoon(32), who’s studying  graphic design in Royal College of Art and at the same time spending time with the Daejeong Gol’s children.



The Daejeong Community Children Center is running plot education program, piano education program, peace and human rights education program and other programs.
Also, there are experience programs like farming, outdoor activity and reading program. It is a place that children will visit after school.
Although there is English and math tutoring programs, it is not compulsory. Only when the kids feel they need tutoring, the teachers will help the them with their studies.
Kang Young-hoon said:“ When the children grow up as adult, aren’t they often experience hard times? We want to teach them how to face the difficult position and hope reading is one of the way helping them walking out the darkness.”
When he look at the children, he regards their growth but not grades as the keyword.


Mr.Kang Young-hoon opened ‘the Growing Reading House’ in his grandmother’s Daejeong-eup house for the children. He hope children can get answers from books and solve their problems.
But for anyone, it is not easy to use a private space as a public space. But he said: “ When the private space is open to everyone,won’t  the space become more lively? I think the work space should be like that.”
Since he has his philosophy on operating his space, the difficulties became a small part in the whole process.
In the process of operating the Growing Reading House and being with the children, district and Mr.Kang became companions.
He told us: “ When we build the Growing Reading House, we invited a famous furniture designer and carpenter group who built the Peace Bookstore in Gangjeong village from Seoul.
Even though these people are from Seoul and have no connection with the locals, as they get along, the connection will appear between them.” People act as the media and connect two district made a bigger synergy.


Through the children, the families can be likened together. The small changes made by the locals who shared their talents are interesting.
Create the connection point for the community and the children. At the same time, in that process, observe the community with philosophical mind is what a culture designer should worried about.
Mr.Kang wants to record the stories of social minorities and the weak not by the words, but by the vision of design. We wish the best for this graphic reporter to fulfill his dream.