Dada Art Exhibition


Easy and together, Dada Art Exhibition

The young Jeju artists say: “Art is not difficult.”

Culture reporter: Park Oak-jin, Translate by: Kim Yae-seol(Justin Ferrell)


On August 10, young artists’ Dada Art Exhibition was held in Hotel Regent Marie.

Lee Chang-hee, double as the director and artist of this exhibition scratching his head with awkward smile and said: “ It is a little awkward since there are less visitors than I thought it will be. Haha.” He was humbled about this exhibition, but he was passionate about explaining his artworks.

“The reason of holding this Dada Art Exhibition is to break the frame of the bias thinking that people have about art. Many people think art is difficult. Especially in Jeju, compare to other districts, the consumer level for art is lower and there aren’t much chances to reach art in daily lives. That’s why I worked with the young artists who have the same opinion and established the Dada Art Organization. We want to develop by bringing easy arts to Jeju people and today was the first step.”



The artist Cho Ki-sub who expresses the nature by its true colour told us: “ Nothing is magnificent. I often express the feelings I felt from the nature elements like time, wind and space on my art. Since feeling is more important than shapes in my work, I paint what I felt without sketching.”



Everyone was awkward at the beginning, but they were not regret to hold this exhibition. Even though there wasn’t a lot of visitors, we felt passions from these Jeju young artists. We believe they will spread their art philosophies and make a trend of young and fresh arts in Jeju.