2016 Ningbo Korea, China and Japan Art Festival


Creative and new culture Jeju dancing crew

Culture Reporter:Kim Mi-ryang


Ningbo might not be familiar to the Koreans, but it is the city has one of the most important ports in China. Ningbo is a harbour city in Zhejiang Province and the start point in the Tang and Song Dynasty.


In the last week of September, the 2016 Korea, China and Japan Art Festival was held in Ningbo,China.


Jeju performance crews(Jeju Art Academy and South Canival), branch exchange group( Jeju Calligraphy Association) and Ink Painting Art exchange group arrived in Shanghai, China. After the arrival, they took three hours of bus and arrived at huge city Ningbo. It was hotter than Jeju. From the constructing buildings around their hotel, they felt Ningbo was a growing city.


After lunch, the Ink Painting exchange group visited Ningbo Gulou to purchase writing brush, paper and inkstones. The allies after the rain gave us a Chinese traditional atmosphere.






For the performance, Jeju performance crews asked for writing good words. The words from the Ink Painting exchange group gave a good start for the performance. The Jeju ska band, South Carnival, performance won acclaim on their performance from the Ningbo citizens.





Compare with the Jeju Korea, China and Japan Art Festival, Ningbo Art Festival gave Chinese performancers more propositions than other two countries’ performancers.


Jeju performance crew performed the Haenyeo dance which was traditional and modern. Chinese dance team gave an amateur feelings. Nara,Japan dance team dance along with the traditional music.





The opening ceremony, “City Ligh” photo exhibition, for the Korea, China and Japan Ink Painting Art Communication was held in the morning of 29th. Jeju, Ningbo and Nara ink painting artists wrote “和” all together.(Japanese artists used “千”,Korean artists used “入”, Chinese artists used“口”).


In the afternoon, the Jeju Calligraphy Association and Ink Painting Art exchange group held seminar, but because the negligence of the Ningbo organizers, it couldn’t hold smoothly. But fortunately, the water letter wrote on the ground by the Jeju Calligraphy Association hot applause from other artists.


On the last day, the exchange group and performance crews flew back to Jeju from Shanghai. The 36 km long Hangzhou bay bridge linked Ningbo and Shanghai. After the bridge was built, it’s been one hour earlier to arrive in Shanghai from Ningbo.




Through the Korea, China and Japan Art Festival, we had a chance to visit Ningbo and spread the innovative developing Jeju culture.


I wish all the best for these three countries to continue the friendship.