A look inside East Asia in the Jeju Mokgwana

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The story of the first day of the Culture Designer Asia Fair

East Asian Culture City–Month Ceremony

Culture Reporter: Kim Na-young( Park Gyoung-ho, Lee Min-kyeong,Oh Yeon-suk)

Translated: Kim Yaeseol(Editor: Duncan Elder)


The first day of the Culture Designer Asia Fair was held in two places that are rich with Jeju history: Old Jeju and Jeju Mokgwana (The old government office).

Culture designers are creative citizens who help to design a happy society. 100 culture designers from all over the Korea visited the fair.



The participants held discussions under the topic of “the path to a cultural and artistic island–the things we have to choose and the things we have to discharge”.

The participants were divided into 10 groups for the discussion. Culture designers both from Jeju and outside the island got together and discussed issues such as the conflicts between original and new Jeju residents, generational conflicts and the gap between people who live life with plans and those who live without plans.



During the discussion, the designers gave their ideas and answers to the problems. After a one hour discussion, the representatives from each group gave presentations about five things Jeju has to choose and five things Jeju has to discharge.

After the Open Voice session, attendees were treated to the East Asian Culture City Month Ceremony and a Media Facade Show.

The Media Facade Show uses the outside walls of buildings to show images. In the show, images representing Korea were projected onto walls. Although it was a short show, it fully showed the beauty of Korea and Jeju.





The networking dinner was held at Jeju Buk Elementary School. The dinner was prepared by Yang Yong-jin, a chef from the Jeju Local Food Conservation Research Center.

At the meal, traditional local Jeju food such as Braised Abalones and Bean Chicken created a sumptuous networking dinner. During the dinner, a balloon (representing the moon) floated up and away with the wind. This made the background of the dinner much more beautiful.

After dinner, everyone took part in a community dance directed by Kim Mi-suk from the Jeju Dance Art Center. During the dance, all the participants became one in a circle. The event was ended successfully after the the networking dinner.