2016 East Asia Culture City Cultural Designer Asian Fair

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The Culture and Art Festival, Old Jeju as the background


Culture reporter:Go Ha-nul( Kim Eun-jung, Oh Su-jin, Kang Ji-hee, Park Oak-jin)



It was cloudy in the past few days in Jeju, but the sky was blue today like a lie. Under the warm autumn sunshine, my footsteps were much more lighter. For attending the 2016 East Asia City Culture Designer Asia Fair, I walked to the Jeju culture street. Passed by the crowd, I arrived at the C!talk event.

C!talk is an event for people to share the live wisdom and passion learned from the culture through lectures and performances. It is also an inspiration sharing cultural talk event. The topic of the event were established and obey, painting and shape, resonance and tremble, attract and realize and the Korea,China and Japan cultural designers’ stories. The event was filled with the topic stories and 66 designers’ stories.




Mr.Park Sep-kyong from Jeonju was satisfied with the event. During the event, he could share stories and listen to designers’ stories under a comfortable environment.

Wait a second, let me introduce what is cultural designer for those who don’t know. The cultural designers are the designers create an empathy and communication, public benefits and sharing culture.

In the limited time, they couldn’t share deep stories, but it was a chance for them to share each other’s stories and experiences and dreaming about the happiness world.





The culture designer Kim Seoul joined C!talk as a lecturer this year. She thinks C!talk is a fantastic opportunity to meet other area professionals and get inspirations.

The hostess of the topic attract and realize Ms.Kim Eun-jung felt that the topics are deeper and deeper every year. It was a new experience for her to join with people who discuss with talent and passion.



The freshest part of this event was the way how participants solve the problems. The first thing I thought of C!talk was boring lectures like writing on the boards or reading PPTs. But surprisingly, C!talk broke my fixed idea. The participants told their stories in a novelty way by their talents. The listeners and lectures were satisfied during the speeches. I think this is the power of the art and culture.





On that day, there were other events besides the C!talk. There were various fun events like new media collaboration of Jeju Black and White Photo Exhibition and AR.VR Exhibition, Asia Flea Market with Jeju Fringe Festival and Open Concert.

After visiting the new media exhibition,Ms.O Su-jin told me that she felt the rigid exhibition became simply and suits for any ages because of the new media.

The open concert performances for by the artists from Ningbo entertainment were new and original. For introducing the Chinese traditional cultural to the foreigners, they wore beautiful clothes and danced Inner Mongolian traditional dance and danced along Korean songs.

Communicating and feeling the empathy, the passion of the cultural designers made the Asian Fair more exciting. 2016 East Asia Culture City Cultural Designer Asian Fair was a festival for people meeting a variety of people, communicating with others and feeling the happiness together.