Tamna Culture Festival bridges Jeju to the world through culture

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World performance groups look to Jeju, the beginning of the cultural banquet

There were various food and events for people of all age to enjoy at the festival

Culture reporter:Park Gyoung-ho(Lee Min-kyeong,Oh Yeon-suk,Lee Jae-jeong)

Translated: Kim Yaeseol ( Edited: Duncan Elder)


The 55th Tamna Culture Festival ended successfully, despite being affected by some terrible weather.

This was the first Tamna Festival since Jeju became nominated as an East Asian Culture City. As such, this year it was a festival that not only represented Jeju and its culture but also showed the world that Jeju is accepting of other cultures.


At Tapdong Square, the exhibition booths, food booths, and experience booths were  organized well and helped to generate cultural exchanges amongst participants.

Out of all the booths, the intangible cultural heritage booths were most noticeable. Here participants could see the traditional processes used to make both Jeju pottery and also Jeju alcohol.

Unsurprisingly, some of the most popular booths where the traditional food booths.  Although for those who didn’t feel up to the more traditional fare, there were also food trucks serving other types of food.

Many people, including both adults and children, also visited the cultural experience booths. In these booths, we could see how culture has the power to break down the wall of the generation gap.

Jeju immigrants also joined in the events and introduced themselves. From their Jeju stories, I felt like Jeju is a center of world culture.



Perhaps the most exciting parts of the Tamna Culture Festival were the costume performances and the performances from 2016 East Asian Culture Cities Nara and Ningbo.

The leader of the Nara music team, Shimizu Ryogen said: “It was a fantastic experience. The kids looked healthy and lively. We were warmly welcomed to Jeju which made us felt very happy. We are very excited that we got the chance to performance in the festival.”

I was delighted at the thought that Jeju is ready to accept other cultures in this representative festival.


Although the typhoon on Oct. 4 disappointed many people who were looking forward to joining the festival, perhaps through the strong desire of the people, the heavy rain stopped on Oct. 5.

Although it rained a little in the morning, the Tamna Culture Festival was not canceled and ran successfully till the end. We can now all look forward to next year’s Tamna Culture Festival.