The Jeju feminists shout out: “Uncomfortable daily life, strange familiarity”

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<Jeju Female Movie Festival>

The only movie festival in Jeju for enjoying feminism, the seventeenth step

Culture reporter:Lee Min-kyeong; Translated: Kim Yaeseol ( Edited: Duncan Elder)



This year the Jeju Female Movie Festival took its seventeenth step. The festival was held around the theme of “Uncomfortable daily life, strange familiarity”.

The opening ceremony was held and hosted by the Jeju Female Organization. The opening movie was Mustang(2015). The movie explored misogyny and dogmatism and told the stories of how some women overcame these destructive views.

Mustang is about five orphaned sisters in a village in Turkey. The word Mustang means little wild horse, and this represents the youngest sister Lale. Lale is the protagonist who is moving to Istanbul to escape from the village. In her journey, she seems like a little mustang, running free in the wide fields.


%ec%97%ac%ec%84%b1%ec%98%81%ed%99%94%ec%a0%9c_1As well as movies, there were additional activities held at the festival. The Kelly Graphic Exhibition was held under the title Attracted by Kelly. It was an exhibition that represented the lives of Jeju women through using beautiful words and sentences.

As well as this, the buskers inside and outside the Image Culture Center combined with the clear weather to make the audiences smile.

The audience of the movie Knitting Instead of Overtime held an event where they thought up creative suggestions about things to do instead of overtime. The various and well received answered included things like, “speaking ill of the boss, wrestling and climbing an oreum at night”.


Knitting Instead of Overtime is a movie that tells the stories of women who sought to create the life and relationships they wanted. The main characters come from various different social backgrounds and family situations.

In order to change the lives of women who were too busy working to take care of themselves, the women started learning and made a documentary. For the characters in the movie, knitting is something that gives them the freedom to live life as they want to.




The most exciting part of the movie festival is meeting with the directors of the movies.

Out of the 99 prize-winning movies, there were four from female directors making their first movie. Through talking with the directors, the audience had a chance to find out the hidden meanings in the movies. It was a valuable time for the directors and audiences to draw a picture of overcoming the daily experiences of gender discrimination together.


In the Jeju Female Movie Festival, the most impressive thing was the attitude of the audiences. They not only sat through the ending credits but also gave applause after the movie, just like it was a performance at a theater. This was a moving moment and the Jeju Female Movie Festival ended successfully with these cultural citizens.