Crying out for true peace on the island of peace

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Interview with a culture designer—<Jeju Peace Fly> president, Kim Gwang-cheol
Date of interview: November 19, 2016 (Interviewed on November 18, 2016)
Culture report: Lee Min-gyung

Peace-flapping to solve the comfort women issues. Meeting with President Kim Gwang-cheol of <Jeju Peace Fly>.

Eleven years has passed since Jeju island was designated as the island of peace. However, unfortunately the island where we are living is not always peaceful. I had an interview with a culture designer who embraces the traces of scars and sorrow imbedded on the island and works for promoting true meaning of peace.

I asked the chief of <Jeju Peace Fly>, Kim Gwang-cheol, wo struggles to solve the comfort women issues in justice about what life he aims for. <Jeju Peace Fly> is one of the university clubs. “I want to keep on living not losing my mind. It is the biggest goal and the most difficult part as well.”

The world he dreams of is where everyone exercises their own philosophy and lives happily. The world not tilted toward the privileged, but the world where people can lead equal, free, and independent lives.

“That is the concept of equal world I conceive. I mean, the world everyone enjoys the human rights, exercises their ingenuity as well as creativity, and lives mastering over their lives. I believe there will come someday when equality is exercised if we continue to get rid of restrictions, limits, risk factors, and contradictions.

Asked if he thinks the world he dreams of will come true one day, he answered, ‘yes’, without hesitation. The world can move toward equality when we see through the history, not just wanting it to happen automatically. He firmly believes that the day will come someday but explains ‘when’ depends on how we make our voice heard and act.

“There are a number of problems in the world. It might be coincidence that I happened to deal with the comfort women issues, but at one point it was very natural for me to be interested in it. I got to know about the issue by accident, but through this experience now I can speak up more spontaneously and try to do something as I realized how important the issue is. I have always contemplated over what I can do to make the world better. Thanks to the activities involving Jeju Peace Fly, I could take a stride to the world I am dreaming of and find it very grateful.

Working nonstop must not be easy. What drives him to move forward? He said the drive of his ideas is his willingness to lead a humanlike life. His ideas were not formed at the very outset. What drove him to be the present ‘Kim Gwang-cheol’ was because of a train of thoughts, experiences, and studies. He is still trying his best to get the most desirable outcomes.
“The bottom line is that when the direction I want to go coincides with the thoughts created inside my hearts, I feel happy and so does the world. I feel a greater sense of happiness when I work with others than just looking at my own happiness

In life we sometimes get stuck at the problem before us. However, take your time and turn around, and you will be able to see something that we should not miss. Thanks to these culture designers struggling not to miss it, the world is getting better.