Photographer Park Hoon-il born and raised on Jeju island


Interview with a culture designer—Photographer Park Hoon-il
Date of interview: On September 23, 2016
Culture reporter: Lee Jae-jung

Headline: A man that incorporates the sound of seawater that his uncle did not into <Dumoak>

Photography is incessant solitude. Park Hoon-il’s meditation lies in the halfway point between solitude and freedom.

“I reminisce Kim Young-gap who told me to include the color and the scent of fog in June. When the interior memory has a contact with the environment of Jeju, it sprouts into the subject through five senses.”

Standing in the yard of Dumoak, at Kim Young-gap gallery, we are faced with time. The momentary happiness in which we look at ourselves in the entirety. The memory of existence, which penetrates right through our interior time, paradoxically reflects ourselves, through which we have the pleasure of recovery.

This may be why many people are in love with Kim Young-gap gallery. At the heart of the gallery is a photographer Park Hoon-il, a Jeju native. His desire to present the visitors with the vibes that can only be felt inside the space has not faltered over time. It is quite paradoxical. Samdal-ri was known to the world by a tactless Jeju local, who refuses to promote the gallery with blogs or SNS marketing. Maybe that is what people love about the gallery that stands still alone in the digital-centered world where everything is easily acquired and forgotten.

Kim Young-gab was wrapped in solitude before dying. It is comforting to see photographer Park Hoon-il, born
and raised on Jeju Island, leading a solitary life of his own.
Photography is an endless solitude and the by-product of meditation.
Every spring he spreads meditation on behalf of Kim Young-gab.

He said he wanted to take pictures that viewers can entirely embrace. In doing so, he believes the work satisfying five senses should come first. He explained he might have begun to pay attention to five senses from the very moment incorporating the sound of the seawater into the photos became his thing.

His happiness reaches its peak while he works. Once he is immersed into work, all worries from the secular
world is gone and there is only left the subject itself. The moment he is preoccupied by the conversation with the
subject is when he feels most free and his five senses come alive.

Twenty years has passed since he first met Kim Young-gab. Now he knows a subtle thing like weather and humidity through experiences of using film cameras and developing films. However, using digital ones is quite difficult for him. This is the aesthetics that the film camera has.

Not only did he receive an award at the 17th best museum contests last June 2014, but also did he hold an exhibition
themed ‘The space of antique – Samdal-ri 172’ at a warehouse originally for tangerines. Under this circumstance, he went through torments as a photographer contemplating over the present and the past. I thought to myself that it is high time he reveals more of his true colors as he seems much freer than ever before. If he can create more secret extortion and exaggeration, nothing would be better than this.