Spreading happiness through bubbles


Spreading happiness through bubbles.

 The 100 Happy Days sponsored Bubble Parade saw hundreds of people take to Gyeonggi Woodland Park to spread happiness.

On the last Sunday of May, the Gyeongui Line Forest Park was full of bubbles. This was because of a Bubble Parade that saw hundreds of people gather to spread happiness through the blowing of bubbles.

The event was hosted by the organization 100 Happy Days and was one of many held simultaneously in 100 cities in 50 different countries throughout the world. It is estimated that overall one million people participated in 100 Happy Days events.

The Bubble Parade in Seoul was the first time Korea had hosted a 100 Happy Days event. However, it didn?셳 take long for crowds to gather. The crowd was a mixture of both people who had turned up specifically for the event, as well as many curious passers-by.

Participants in the crowd included people both from Korea and from throughout the world. This gave the festival a welcoming, global vibe.

The Bubble Parade itself was the result of the organizer’s belief that happiness is a journey, not a destination. This was proved by the many smiles found on the faces of the parade participants. Of course, the event was completely open and anyone could register and join.

The parade took place in Gyeonggi Line Forest Park. This is a park that has the nickname Yeontral Park, which is in homage to Central Park in New York. Just like a scene one would expect to find in New York, on this day people were sat outside relaxing and enjoying the May sun.

However, as the Bubble Parade passed by, the park became full of laughter due to the unexpected appearance of bubbles.

This was a good metaphor for the event as due to the simple act of blowing bubbles, the feeling of happiness felt by those in the parade was able to spread to those in the park.