C!here Art Crawl in Beijing!

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C!HERE Art Crawl in Beijing!

On June 17, 33 artists from more than 16 countries gathered at the W STAGE Beijing for C!HERE Art Crawl, bringing a colorful carnival of artistic and cultural expressions from all over the world to the Beijing community. The artists splashed creativity into every nook and cranny of the space, leaving the audience enraptured by a wide variety of still works, experiential workshops and live performances for an entire afternoon.

The Art Crawl kicked off with a mesmerizing acro-yoga performance, drawing gasps from the audience as the artists displayed beauty, grace and strength with their acrobatic yoga poses. Excitement grew as more people spontaneously joined in the acro-yoga ??the carnival was indeed in full swing!

The audience was then invited to freely explore and discover the creative gems all around them in the space. Walls, shelves, table tops and the meeting room were adorned with illustrations, doodles, paintings, photography, recycled art, sculptures, and installation artworks. The intimate atmosphere of the Art Crawl was set alight with dynamism, as the works evoked contemplation and sparked conversations amongst audience and artists alike. Who said still works had to be quiet?

Some artists even showcased their creative processes live and involved willing participants in the process. Traditional Chinese clay figurine making and calligraphy & ink painting workshops; live illustration and mural painting and tattooing; hairstyling and face-painting; and demonstrating the art of good listening and conversation-making??it is clear that the canvas for art and creative ideas can be anything we want it to be ??paper, glass windows, our own bodies, and even the air that we breathe.

As the Art Crawl began to come to a close, the audience gathered together for one last array of vibrant performances, and were spell-bound by visual poetry and hip hop poetry performances, as well as a sleight-of-hand magic show. Finally, a hang drum performance combined with contact improvisation dance filled the room with mellow, earthy melodies and flowing dance moves, ultimately concluding with everyone holding hands in serene gratitude of how we are all better together.

C!HERE Art Crawl was indeed a wonderful celebration of creativity, arts and culture by the community, for the community. Cheers to all artists and audience who made it possible!